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Musings on living the best we can the Aessential Store

  • Superior sleep is a POWERFUL competitive advantage!

    I tracked my sleep obsessively for a year and consumed every piece of knowledge I could find on the topic. I summed up everything I learned in thi...
  • Finding Peace and Resilience during Quarantine

    As a Holistic Health Coach, I help people achieve their full health potential through all possible angles, including nutrition, stress management, ...
  • Stay Home and Snuggle Up with the Children’s Essential Blanket By: Erin McInerney

    Earlier this year, we received the lavender infused Essential Blanket for children and it has been a game changer for my son and myself in the slee...
  • Leaning In: How to get the most out of every circumstance

    There are only a handful of things we have control over in our lives and at some point, most of us accept the fact that there are A LOT of things we simply can’t control.

    I think it happens to all of us a bit differently but ultimately… it’s inevitable.

  • Why Mental Health is Important

    When you google “Why is mental health important” you are provided with several articles that are typically broken down like so:

    • definition of mental health
    • signs of mental health issues
    • how to get help or how to ask for help