Finding Peace and Resilience during Quarantine

As a Holistic Health Coach, I help people achieve their full health potential through all possible angles, including nutrition, stress management, relationships, sleep, mind-body connection and many others. I try to live and breathe what I preach at home… but I have to confess that being confined at home with 3 kids and 2 adults with full time jobs has been quite an experience. Quarantine with kids has been a definitely challenging time, that has stretched us in different directions and tested our limits every single day. Having been at home with our 3 kids for over 4 weeks, I have definitely learned some valuable lessons.


The first two weeks were all about RESILIENCE.  Emotions ran high, we were all very agitated, the atmosphere was very chaotic, and I remember yelling more than ever in my life. The shock, the surprise, the adrenaline, the excitement (from the kids mainly), swinging from pure joy to annoyance to fury to gratitude… it was all so new and so unexpected. And then, slowly, we started surrendering and adapting. We had to learn to go with the flow, to get into a new rhythm, a new schedule, new rules and new dynamics.


The second phase of the quarantine has been about FINDING PEACE in the new state. As we were finding our way through the uncharted territory of being confined at home 24/7, while homeschooling and keeping up with our full time jobs, we found new spaces and some pockets of peace. As part of that, the kids had the best idea ever: they converted a corner in the living room into a chill-out area: with a mattress, pillows and their beloved Essential 5lb Lavender Infused Blanket.  This is a sacred space for reading, meditating or relaxing when someone needs a break. Since they created this sacred space, I have been amazed at how often they use it and how magical it is for them. On my way to the kitchen, I often see one or more of my kids covered with their favorite Essential Lavender Infused Weighted Blanket, taking time and space to self-soothe and relax. We have all been practicing deep breathing together and sharing what helps us all relax and feel better. My oldest likes to lay down with his weighted blanket; the middle one likes to play relaxing music and read books… and the youngest likes to cuddle and get a soothing massage.


I am amazed as this time is teaching us all very valuable lessons: know yourself well, know how to self-modulate your emotions, learn to respect others and be grateful for what you have.

Yours in peace,

Sonia Ribas

Health Coach, specialized in Motherhood


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