Stay Home and Snuggle Up with the Children’s Essential Blanket By: Erin McInerney

Earlier this year, we received the lavender infused Essential Blanket for children and it has been a game changer for my son and myself in the sleep department. My three year old son has some sensory issues as well as some anxiety and for a very long time, self soothing was just not something he could do. His Occupational and Behavior therapists had suggested a weighted blanket to give him that “deep touch pressure” he really craves. He has gotten so much more good quality sleep which improves his overall mood and behavior throughout the day. And because we are Team Co-sleep, when he gets better sleep, so does mama!

We are living in some pretty uncertain times, stress, fear and anxiety all seem to be pretty common feelings. And our children, they feel this the most. Children are naturally more sensitive to the energy surrounding them than adults are. Many times, they don’t know how to express this and commonly say things like “I don’t feel good” or “my tummy hurts”. Most of us are spending the majority of our time at home, most schooling is being done virtually and there is more down time. The blanket isn’t just for children who have sensory issues or a diagnosis, it is perfect for them right now because it helps them relax. The weight of the blanket feels like you are being snuggled and the lavender is soothing and calming, which is completely complementary to what the blanket already does. In fact, the lavender infusion is really what sold me on the product. I haven’t seen anything else like it out there.

A little mama suggestion, try a movie night with kiddos and everyone can snuggle up with their infused essential blankets and chill out!

As parents, we hate seeing our children in any kind of distress. If you know your little one is really struggling with what is going on now, the Essential Blanket can help. I have been calling it the “holy grail of products I didn’t know I needed” because of how effective it is. I am truly impressed with the high quality and I should add, the lavender scent, it is light and fresh, not overbearing or harsh at all. As someone who is holistic and works with essential oils myself, the subtle all natural lavender smell is heavenly and made from dried up lavender, not chemicals! Anything to help our kids feel safer, less anxious and more relaxed during these times and their extended stay at home. 

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