Superior sleep is a POWERFUL competitive advantage!

By the end of this article you will know 3 things:

Section 1: What’s happening when we sleep and why is it a competitive advantage?

Think of your brain an information processor with 3 core states:

REM Sleep & The Mysteries of this important Sleep Cycle

REM and Mental Health:

REM and Creativity:

Section 2: The Enemies of Sleep & What Sleep Deprivation is Doing to Your Brain

The Sleep Enemies

Stress Hormones:


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Sleep Deprivation

Cardiovascular System: There is irrefutable evidence that unhealthy sleep leads to an unhealthy heart

Metabolism: Sleep loss can lead to obesity and digestive problems

Immune System: Sleep more to fight illness

“He who has a why to Sleep can bear almost any how.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Section 3: Mastering sleep as a skill

Foods That Help You Sleep & When to supplement

Back to Via Negativa (things to avoid to improve sleep)

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